Question by  Scientist (22)

How can I change my firewall settings in Windows XP with Norton Anti-Virus?


Answer by  PowerIsMe (844)

Well, depending on your version of Norton, there may be a firewall bundled with it... so confirm which one (Windows or Norton) you are using. If its Windows firewall, then its actually pretty easy to configure in Control Panel. The Norton firewall though will have its own interface. I am not too sure about the two talking to each other.


Answer by  dantec (14)

Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Security Center. At the bottom of the window click the link "Windows Firewall". In the dialog general tab, you can turn-on or turn-off firewall, in the exceptions tab you can add program executables to be allowed by windows firewall, or add new ports. If you can to restore to default got to Advanced


Answer by  Ilsieh83 (248)

In Control Panel it is easy to configure your settings for Windows Firewall. Go to Start, than Control Panel and then Security Center. At the bottom of the window you click on "Windows Firewall" were you can turn your firewall on or off.


Answer by  bartonn (3)

First go to Start > Control Panal > Security Center. Scrolle down on the windows page and click Windows Firewall. Here you can turn on or turn off the firewall. He can put firewall for 1 ore more application instald.

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