Question by  NikkiHutson (37)

What is the top rated washing machine?

I need a new washer and want to get the best.


Answer by  bug57 (1048)

According to the top rated washing machine is the Whirlpool Cabrio HE washing machine. It is a top loading model, with a capacity of 4.6 cubic ft. To top it off the Whirlpool Cabrio is rated as 60% more energy efficient than standards require. I hope this will help!


Answer by  MikeyJ (123)

Kenmore washing machines are great! They last a long time, they do a great job, and they are sold by Sears, so you do not have to worry about the retailer disappearing in right after you buy the thing. Have them deliver it, though--if you drop it down the steps to the basement, it voids your warranty.


Answer by  ahanlin87 (6)

The Samsung WF218AN. It is a huge 4.0 cubic foot and is also energy star certified. It was rated #1 by consumer reports this year. I love mine.

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