Question by  elsewhen (627)

What is the safest way to get rid of poison oak?

I am asking about getting rid of the poison oak plant itself, not the rash that it causes.


Answer by  Dee (33)

A goat is the best way. Apparently they cant get the rash (can you even call it that if it's on a goat and not a human? Anyway-) My college roommates parents have a goat and they told me this a long time ago.

Reply by lindsay (111):
In lots of places, I've heard that you can rent goats to do your "landscaping." They can easily clear away brush or other plants, and in much bigger quantities than any single person would want to take care of! They just eat and eat and eat.  add a comment

Answer by  Angel24 (30)

According to a website I visited, the safest way to get rid of the Poison Oak plant is not to use pesticides. You can manually remove the plant--roots and all--provided that you are fully clothed, including gloves, and do not touch your face. You can then place it in a well-sealed garbage bag.


Answer by  catman529 (809)

Going along with what others have said about covering yourself thoroughly and pulling out the plant - just be sure not to wear those clothes again. The oil in poison ivy/oak/sumac is called Urushiol and since it's an oil, it doesn't come out of clothes easily.


Answer by  Randy (29)

removing it by hand, don't use any chemicals. Cover all exposed skin, then pull the plant out by it's roots, the key is to get all the roots, if you miss some you'll have to repeat the process. Dispose of the plant properly in the trash. That's it, simple, maybe not easy, but safe for sure.

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