Question by  Janarthanam (53)

How do you get rid of poison oak?

I've had it for over a month!


Answer by  geode (14)

If the symptoms from contact with poison oak are a mild rash, they can sometimes be treated at home. You can try cool compresses of either water or milk, calamine lotion, an oatmeal bath or perhaps an oral antihistamine that is available over the counter. With more severe cases of poison oak, it is important that you see a doctor.


Answer by  vadrfan99 (71)

Get some calamine lotion, apply it to a cotton ball and rub it on your rash. It will cool the area down and prevent you from scratching at it.


Answer by  HeidiW (371)

You should use calamine lotion, aloe Vera or a menthol based lotion.Use them regularly, even after it starts to heal. Also ice packs are good for calming the rash.

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