Question by  Dana67 (12)

What is the difference between poison oak and poison ivy?


Answer by  ZonMundhenk (109)

Poison ivy has three leaves per stem; poison oak has five. Poison ivy prefers the northeast, while poison oak is more likely the be found in the southwest.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

Appearance is the main difference between them. Both plants contain a substance, urushiol, that can cause allergic reactions if it touches your skin. Poison ivy often grows vine like, using trees for support. Poison oak is a shrub. Poison ivy sometimes has berries on the plant in the fall. Poison ivy leaves have three main points; oak has serrated edges.


Answer by  aliceh (18)

They both look very similar. Poison oak is found less often and usually grows in bushes. Poison ivy tends to grow in stalks or even vines. Both can cause irritation when in contact with human skin.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

You need to get some pics of both plants and study them because they are almost identical and trust me you do not want to get it wrong. You need to go do a net search it will give you lots of pics of both plants. I don't think there are any differences other that visual.


Answer by  emn2293 (101)

Poison oak is a vining plant normally found on the west coast, its leaves resemble miniature oak leaves. Poison Ivy is normally foun don the east coast with heart-shaped leaves.


Answer by  cody (1331)

poison oak is a tree that only a very small number of people are allergic too and poison ivy is a plant that looks nothing like poison oak. but the symptoms are the same

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