Question by  Campana (50)

What is the relationship between biking, the bladder, and the prostate?

I want to be a long distance biker.


Answer by  epaulzy (119)

Although there hasn't been a lot of studies dones on the relationship between biking, the bladder, and the prostate, some studies have shown that long distance riders do have a higher likelihood of bladder and prostate injuries. Much of the problem, not suprisingly, is due to sitting on the bike seat which puts direction pressure on the area.


Answer by  cb81 (613)

Male bike riders can often feel pressure in th groin region from riding a bike for too long. The pressure of sitting on a hard seat for a long period of time can cause a lack of blood flow to organs such as the bladder, and cause permanent to the prostate.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

You have to be appointed by the Athletic State Department (depending on the state in which you live), and you obviously have to have a background in the sport in some capacity.


Answer by  Hank (117)

Like anything if this is something you do long term I can see it being bad. But if this is a occasional hobby you should be fine.


Answer by  Ramya (27)

prostate is a gland between the bladders if it enlarges it may cause cancer. biking and cycling may make the case worse.


Answer by  xomoney (104)

too much sittin down messes up ur prostate bladder and balls. of course bike riding is healthy but it really hurts in the long run.

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