Question by  angel83 (5)

What do I need to do to upgrade my mountain bike for a long bike trip?

I need to upgrade my bike for a long bike trip.


Answer by  getoutdoors1 (40)

You will need to add an extra water bottle holder, a rack for gear, spare tubes for the tires, patches for the tires and a pump.


Answer by  leelee22 (118)

If your bike doesn't already have one, I would first suggest a water bottle holder. You will definitely need refreshment if you are taking a long trip.


Answer by  dbrent24 (32)

Start with the tires- if you can't afford new slicks, just work on your skids! Be careful not to overdo it, a little skid goes a long way. Trade your front and back tires, to slick both. I'd also brush up on traffic laws!


Answer by  butchbri (33)

Depending on how used the bike is, I would start with tires, front and rear derailleur cables and housing. Have a mechanic check the chain, front chainrings and rear cassette for wear. Also check the brake pads. If your seat is old, replace that.

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