Question by  ousideinsider (32)

Is fish oil good for a bladder infection?

This is the second bladder infection I have had.


Answer by  cattybratty (181)

Fish oil is not good or bad for a bladder infection. If you are not going to the doctor for antibiotics, then you need to be drinking cranberry juice or taking cranberry capsules and drinking LOTS of water. Fish oil will not help.


Answer by  holdengal (693)

For bladder infections, cranberry is good. It goes into your body as a "basic" food and comes out of your body as an "acidic" food. That helps kill infection. Stay away from cranberry cocktail juice. That has a lot of sugar in it and will not help. You can buy cranberry pills at your local grocery store.


Answer by  feodin (201)

Fish oil will not have any effect on a bladder infection. The infection is caused by a bacteria and can be treated with antibiotics, or will clear on its own.


Answer by  Huntress (1935)

There are studies that state a good fish oil supplement will help. Personally I started taking 500 mg capsules of cranberry powder earlier this year for the same ailment. To date I've not had any more infections. Check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking any supplements if you take other medications.


Answer by  Balaji (325)

Fish oil is used for various purposes. It is good for many purposes. It is also used for skin diseases to seek good and speady cure. It is also very good for bladder infection because it eradicates all the and kills the infected disease and also kills worms.

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