Question by  MashalKhanKhattak (69)

What is the reason for the Ford Fusion recall?

I haven't found anything wrong with mine.


Answer by  nicholas34 (606)

you probably got lucky and got one of the very very few good manufactured ones, alopt of things go wrong with fords, they are american made yes but fords are very had to mantain and a completely different desighn then normal american made cars, your better of returning it and getting a monte carlo or malibu instead

posted by Anonymous
Pretty biased oppinion . Ford is the only one we did not have to save from death because they build junk. Your car will need inspected to make sure there is no defect in your car .  add a comment

Answer by  jfry (18)

Ford found that Fusion's manufactured between February and March of 2010 had a problem with the parking rod. This could cause some vehicles to roll away while parked unless the parking brake was engaged.


Answer by  dee73 (1062)

Ford Fusion recalls are on Fusions manufactured from Feb. and March of 2010. The problem is parking rod on some of the Fusion are not connected.Plus there is the front seat recliner. The other reason is there is something wrong with the power trans, the automatic transmissions.The best thing is take it in and have it checked over.


Answer by  cjacks (4)

Ford fusion 2010 model has been recalled . the offical reason is seats:front assembly:recliner in april 2010. Their are reportedly 33,256 models of the 2010 ford fusion effected. Another recall was reportedlt for POWER TRAIN:AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION Reason in May of 2010. They report that 19 units have been effected at that time.

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