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Question by  esteban (1334)

What fuse controls the outside temperature reading on a Ford Windstar?

The outside temperature reading for my Ford is not working, can you tell me what fuse I need to replace.


Answer by  James916 (539)

The fuses are normally on the drivers or passengers side on the dash or under the dash. There will be a label on the fuse box showing which fuse goes to which component. Find the one for your outside temperature sensor. Then you can replace the fuse and replace the fusebox cover.


Answer by  Diisruptor (249)

If the temperature is not reading AT ALL you need to replace the temperature control unit on the dash. If it is reading an accurate temperature then the ambient air sensor is located on the right hand side of the vehicle directly below the alternator of the vehicle. You can only buy this sensor from for.


Answer by  gica1234 (17)

I don`t know exactly, but you can find it by yourself. Open the fusebox and look on the cover of the box. There is written everything you want to know.


Answer by  kennethjgoodson (4903)

You are going to need to find the fuse for the radio and all the other stuff on the dash. That will be the fuse for temperature reading.


Answer by  kennethjgoodson (4903)

It should be the panel control fuse. If it is not under the dash on the drivers side you can check the passenger side. Also check under the hood for the fuse.


Answer by  Jsands1982 (871)

Most Fuses on a Ford Windstar are located in the engine compartment. The best way to go about finding a fuse is a website search or a repair manual. Most Vehicles have the diagram of the fuses on the cover of the fuse box.

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