Question by  Elle (648)

What is the proper Nissan pathfinder instrument voltage?

I need to make sure my Pathfinders voltage is right.


Answer by  Doug77 (1433)

All modern vehicles, aside from the current influx of hybrids, utilize 12 volts for 99% of their electrical systems. The instrument panel runs directly from the fuse panel, which is powered by the battery, and is therefore, 12 volts.


Answer by  y3636363 (1380)

Well the proper ones depends on the model that your pathfinder is. Once you locate the pathfinder number then you would want to go to wikipedia and it tells you how much voltage meter is required.


Answer by  basswulf89 (49)

What instrument? on a whole the vehicle should have a voltage of 12.6v. you can test the battery with am digital multimeter or volt-ohm meter. or you can use a machine like a D-tach. most shops and auto stores will either do this for free or lend you the proper equiptment.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well this is hard to say. The way a vehicles gauges work is that they read a voltage signal then convert it to a readable display. SO they voltage will fluctuate. I repair manual should be able to give you operating ranges for each gauge though.


Answer by  audiocupcakes (346)

The proper Nissan Pathfinder instrument voltage is approximately 12 volts. If you see a drop in this it could indicate a problem. I suggest performing a voltage drop test to see if you are losing power along any of the components that make up your electrical system.


Answer by  Stevce (41)

Well first of all it depends what pathfinder do you have, but most of them use 12V voltage and i think it will run good with that voltage. To be sure for the proper voltage, go to the shop from where your pathfinder is, and ask them to tell you for sure.


Answer by  worker8852 (129)

I am having problem with my 98SE. Put a new battery in a week ago alternator is changing had been load checked during routine service, but suddenly died battery was dead and wouldn't take a tricklecharge. Now a couble of days later the speedodies by the tach fuel and temp gauges are pinned.

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