Question by  lachlandv (15)

Can you help me troubleshoot Nissan Pathfinder transmission problems?


Answer by  txglory (32)

First vital thing when diagnosing transmission problems is to look around for any kind of leaks. Leaks can cause rough shifting of gears,causing gear breakage. Another thing to get checked is the transmission filter. If the filter is okay, and there are no transmission leaks, then the problems are deeper within the transmission, in which a rebuild might be needed.


Answer by  murali82 (6)

Take it to a shop for the tranny. The shop will have to take the sealing around the housing outside apart or put on machine to trouble shoot the problem.


Answer by  reimotorsports (103)

No one can help troubleshoot the transmission problems on a Nissan Pathfinder with out knowing the manufacture year of the vehicle and if it's equipped with a manual transmission or an automatic transmission. Need more info.


Answer by  Raf (146)

A transmission is a very complicated piece. Whether its a torque converter, clutch, or planetary gear I suggest not trying to fix it yourself unless you have a good amount of mechanical experience.


Answer by  JD17 (424)

You will need to tell us a little more about your problem. If your pathfinder is new take it to a shop and have them plus it in and tell you the issues.


Answer by  japratt (1687)

If you are having certain types of transmission problems with your Nissan Pathfinder then you will have to replace the transmission.


Answer by  Anonymous

My mechanic changed the transmission switch relay(code P0705) and now truck stays in drive RND21 does not take reverse. Drives only forward and does not change gears. Drive shaft cylinder ok, nobody seems to know whats wrong.

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