Question by  rosarobinson (15)

What is the prognosis for a lower ab injury?

I wonder what to expect.


Answer by  fishy (1085)

The lower abdomen is responsible for pulling the torso downward, like lying on your back and doing a situp. With a lower abdomen strain, this action may cause pain and in muscle tears, this may not be possible at all. Time will heal the injury, heat will help speed recovery and reduce pain.


Answer by  steverino (275)

A lower ab injury traditionally is a very slow healer. Since we use our abdominals almost constantly, rest, relaxation techniques and physical therapy will assist in your reco very. I would not rush it, be patient and be smart.


Answer by  CP (232)

There is not really much you can do to treat it, just taking it easy and not putting yourself in a position to hurt it again is a good idea.


Answer by  donnellyspencer (65)

When I had a lower ab injury after a long ab workout it didn't hurt much at first. After I had cooled down and my workout was finished I experienced a sharp pain in my abdominal region. Sharp, pinching pain is the tell-tale sign of an abdominal injury.

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