Question by  Aorisora20 (15)

What is the pink buildup caused by the water in my tub?

My bathtub has a pink ring around the upper portion, and in the cracks. Is this a dangerous bacteria?


Answer by  Cheri99 (187)

It is a bacteria, but it is generally not harmful. Called Serratia, it is found naturally in soil, dust and even on animals. Indoors, it grows on regularly moist surfaces such as faucets, shower walls and toilets.


Answer by  swtevrgrn (17)

This pink mold is common in bathrooms. It is caused by the collection of a bio-film which is the accumulation of oils, dirt, hair, and skin washed off during the bathing process. It is easily removed with a bathroom cleaner. If you have an excessive amount or find it in hard to reach places try using diluted bleach.


Answer by  Lauryn49 (70)

The pink build up is a type of water mold. You can't really avoid it, just try and use shower cleaner with bleach and it will kill it.


Answer by  user26 (176)

The pink buildup caused by the water in your tub is more then likely not from the water source but is from a soap scum build up in the corners.


Answer by  melstampz (4)

Safe solution: baking soda scrub, vinegar rinse or hydrogen peroxide. One should never mix bleach and mold. Bleach contains dioxin one of the most harmful chemicals known. Also it can off-gas with mold and be very dangerous--especially in a small enclosed space like the shower/bath.

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