Question by  jwrenard1 (1)

Why, when I use a plunger in the toilet, does the water come up in the tub?

I didn't know the tub and toilet were connected.


Answer by  shanelecroy (30)

The toilet and tub in the same bathroom are usually always on the same drain line. They are ran so that the drain catches the toilet first and then the tub and then the sink. The problem is that there is a clog in the drain before it catches the toilet. You need to use a snake instead.


Answer by  ajk71486 (219)

Well, because first and foremost your drainage lines are incorrectly placed. Second, you are creating pressure in your drains, and that pressure is pushing up the water in the trap for the tub. the sewer gas vents should relieve any excessive pressure but will allow a little to build yours may be malfunctioning.


Answer by  Cjc (299)

Inside "sanitary" sewer pipes are connected. They must be kept separate from the storm sewer pipes. If your plunging comes back into the tub, you may have a larger clog somewhere that would require snaking the drain.


Answer by  thelostone (1457)

Yes your tub and your toilet are connected. All the drains in your house are connected at one point or another so that they all end up leaving the house in the same pipes. If you use a plunger and water is coming up in the tub you might have a problem with partially clogged drains. Get this looked into.

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