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Question by  Jessica38 (28)

How do I repair the blower motor switch on my car?

I have a Geo Tracker?


Answer by  McCheese (1248)

Geo Tracker's are great, they are really basic and most people who can follow directions will have no problem replacing the blower motor switch. The blower motor switch can be accessed under the glove box. Simply unsnap the old switch (it's green) and place the new one in the harness.


Answer by  jhills (58)

To fix this, the only thing to do it to go to your local auto parts dealer, purchase another blower switch, and replace it. If you are not capable of replacing it yourself, finding a local high school that will do it for no labor cost is a good option.


Answer by  seansnark (145)

The blower motor switch is located in the control head located in the dash, and usually requires the replacement of the control head unit. CAREFULLY remove any trim panels around the unit and remove screws that hold the unit in the dash. There are usually electrical and vacuum connections.


Answer by  mamaspeak (141)

This is usually caused by overheating within the car. To repair it, some people suggest cutting off the damaged connector and using new wires that are spliced into place. Another way to repair the switch is by soldering wires together directly to the blower motor and not using a connector.


Answer by  japratt (1687)

If you need to repair your blower motor switch on your your you need to first get under the hood. Once there you can fix the switch that is near the motor.

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