Question by  gie (19)

What is the gas that I can smell in motor oil?


Answer by  gary23 (130)

This is very simple, the motor oil is processed using crude oil, same used to refine into gasoline as well as other petroleum based additives.


Answer by  askandyoushallreceive (658)

It's probably an ethanol based gas. I wouldn't get it near flames though no matter what type of gas it is. Be very careful.


Answer by  Lilywhite (20)

The gas we can smell in motor is toluene. It's very difficult to excrete.If we inspire too much toluene, it can cause cancer.


Answer by  ilango (226)

carburettor is used in petol vehicles. some times petrol mixture is entered through piston ring to oil due to worn out of rings. you check good mechanic for gas smell.


Answer by  Lisa50 (493)

Most likely, you smelled the propane in the gas. When you smell a strong smell, most likely the gas has a high amount of propane in it, so do not be alarmed.

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