Question by  worker5160 (20)

What does cigarette smoke odor smell like?

I smell something funny on my son's girlfriend all the time.


Answer by  jamiew (61)

Cigarette smoke odor will smell like a musty burnt-like smell. If you have ever smelled an ashtray in passing or just smelled ash in general that is most likely the best way to describe the scent.


Answer by  LizOwens (46)

Cigarette smoke odor has a very strong and offensive smell. The odor is musty and very nauseating. This odor will stay in the walls and furniture in a house forever.


Answer by  motherduck (4)

Well,Cigarette oder, to me, has a musty smell.smells like a Garbage Can,it's in your Hair,Clothes,Breath,skin. also,it is bad for your Health too.second hand smoke, is bad too.hope you don't smoke.

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