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Question by  fervidbulldog (34)

How much do you mix of gas and oil if the ratio is 50 to one?

I have an oil to gas ratio of 50 to one, how do I mix the gas and oil?


Answer by  Turbo20v (37)

Measure out 2. 56 Ounces of two cycle oil, and get a one gallon gas can. Add one gallon of gas to the can, then pour the oil in.


Answer by  molson500 (183)

For every 1 US gallon of gasoline, you will need 2.56 US ounces of oil to reach the proper mixture ratio. Always check your owners manual to see what the manufacture recommends.


Answer by  Repairdude (115)

A fairly loaded question for sure. Most repairs/replacements on this level are not safe for novices to perform, consult your car manual or speak with a licensed mechanic before hand.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well a ratio of 50 to one or 1:50 means that for every l part of oil you mix 50 parts of oil. The amounts will depend on what type of measuring device you have. For example if you had a cup with milliliters the you could mix 1ml of oil to 50ml(1ml x 50) gas.


Answer by  Keith054 (16)

When you buy the oil mix it will tell you on the side of the bottle how many ounces of oil to gallons of gas for 50:1

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