Question by  LB (36)

Is it ok to mix different brands of motor oil?

I don't want it to be harmful or not work.


Answer by  DMac (22)

It is okay to mix different brands of motor oil as long as the oils have the same grade and clasification. They must match grade i. e. "10w30", and they must both have the same "SM", "SJ", "SL" classification for gasoline engines. Diesel engines use "CJ", "CL", or "CM" classifications.


Answer by  Sugirtha (24)

It is not against the law to mix different brands of motor oil, one can very well do that, as almost all the lubricants are performing closely to each other. However, it would be appreciated if one sticks on to one particular brand of motor oil.


Answer by  Jag636 (94)

I would not recomend doing this. Each brand has different additives mixed in that may not react the best in you're engine. The vehicle will still run, but you will reduce the life of your engine.


Answer by  Anonymous

My experience has been for 90k miles still running strong not using a drop of oil for the first 3k mile after an oil change. Mix 5w30 with 10w30 only makes an oil 7.5w30 and mix Pennzoil with Wolfshead. It is not recomended to to mix a w30 with aw40.

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