Question by  Lila (30)

What is the electrical wire color code?

For instance, black is ground, etc.


Answer by  HelpfulAndy (1107)

I am not a professional, but Black is ground, red is positive, white is negative, green is conductive, and yellow is failsafe.


Answer by  KElectronics (54)

To start with black generally isn't referred to as ground it is referred to as Negative The usual colour codes (if your house has been wired by an electrician) are: Black : Negative Green and Gold stripes : Ground to grounding post Red : Positive/Live


Answer by  PeterAaron (408)

Black and red are always going to be your hot wires that actually create the circuit flow. Green or bare copper wires are your ground wires. There are exceptions of course to everything with this like white being your ground or the addition of blue and yellow which are used for different appliances.


Answer by  Novemberfire (322)

Black and red are always hot. Blue and yellow are hot but sometimes used in different applications and should be marked with colored tape. Green and bare copper wires are only used as grounds. White is neutral but can be used in different applications. Always test installed wire before handling.


Answer by  max36 (15)

Electrical wire color codes are codes which indicates the amount of resistance in wire. There are nearly 12 colors each color has the different amount of the resistivity and the Tolerance. Basically the resistance is based of the 4 band. These 4 bands may contain any color. 1st band color 2nd band color 3rd band multiplier 4th band Tolerance.


Answer by  MISgrad (29)

Black: Hot, often feeds switch or outlet. Red: Hot, often switch legs. Can also be second hot wire in 220-volt installations. Blue: Hot, often used in three- and four-way switch configurations. Yellow: Hot, often used as switch leg. Green: Grounding. Bare copper: Grounding.


Answer by  PhoPho (153)

This generally depends on the electrician who has completed the installation, which is why it is usually a requirement to mark which wire is which.


Answer by  dfgospgfj (164)

In 2-wire Romex, black is the hot wire, white is the neutral, and the uninsulated wire is the ground. In 3-wire Romex, everything in the previous sentence remains true, but there is an additional red wire. The red wire is most often used in wiring 3-way and 4-way switch. In these cases, it is referred to as the "traveler. "


Answer by  worker3825 (26)

in most cases black will be your ground wire except for in house wiring. In that case black is hot white is neutral and the green wire is the ground. In car electronics Red is Accessory Black is Ground and Yellow is constant.

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