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Question by  Kittala (61)

How do you get a schematic of your household's electrical wiring?

I have some electrical problems, and I want to check them out.


Answer by  tamarin2087 (21)

Your best option is to try and track down the original contractor or sub-contractor who handled the installation of your home's wiring. If this is not possible, you might try checking with your city or county's planing office to see if they have plans on file. The older your home, the more difficult this will be.


Answer by  swamisarge (283)

First, identify the double breaker circuits; direct feeds to major appliances: stove, A.C., etc. Second, identify the utility circuits: furnace, water pump, etc. Lastly, turn off all other breakers. Now, turn on one breaker and log which lights and outlets (using a plug in light) work, then turn it off and do the next. Doing this right takes time.


Answer by  fancbiz (952)

Trace the electricity contractor who did the wiring of the building since he should have in his archives a complete diagram of the wiring of the house that he used.

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