Question by  pholios (20)

How are ground and neutral related and why are separate wires used in electrical wiring with ground and neutral wiring?

I need some help understanding the wiring of a home and how ground and neutral wiring differ and are related.


Answer by  Aleksandr (45)

Both ground and neutral have zero potential but they are wired separately for safety reasons. Sometimes noise voltage on the neutral wire is desirable to keep isolated from ground.


Answer by  C4rys3 (56)

The white wire is called the grounding conducter which means it provides a complete path for electricity to travel. The other wire is the grounded conductor (green or bare)that should a fault happen it would trip the breaker or outlet.


Answer by  matundura (83)

The earth provides a path that lessens any hazardous voltage leaks while the neutral's main purpose is to break the circuit when necessary.


Answer by  Jdog37 (592)

A neutral is the return path for the power. A ground is used so when something is shorting out or have problems there is a direct path to the earth. The grounding system is actually grounded and bonded to a gas pipe, water pipe, and two ground rods outside five feet apart.

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