Question by  Tiffany94 (23)

What are the color codes for the telephone line?

I need the telephone color codes.


Answer by  AnnaTeague (806)

The four wires are for two lines. Usually, the first line uses the red/green pair: green (wire tip) and red (wire ring) pair. The second line can be installed using the black/yellow pair: black (wire tip) and the yellow (black ring). The CAT-5 wire uses a different color scheme.


Answer by  Crispin (6)

Basically there are 10 colours combining them in a sequence to make 25 unique pair combinations,the colours are known as tip and ring.Tip colours are white,red,black,yellow,violet and blue,orange green ,brown,slate are called as Ring colours.


Answer by  BRaynI (53)

There are about 12-15 colors such as red, green, blue, white, black, yellow, white with red, white with green, etc. These are useful for easy identification in case of troubleshooting.


Answer by  gigantes117 (92)

White with blue marks goes to green, Blue with white marks goes to red, white with orange marks goes to black, and orange with white marks goes to yellow.

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