Question by  Kate48 (55)

What is the Dirt Devil Broom Vac best suited for?

I have a lot of hardwood floors.


Answer by  scgrandma (38)

A Dirt Devil Broom Vac would be better suited for hardwood or linoleum floors, rather than carpets. It would pick up better than an ordinary broom.


Answer by  Karissa12 (81)

In my opinion, the Dirt Devil Broom Vac is best when used on tile floors. On my hardwood floors, I use the micro fiber pads or swiffer cloths. They leave a nice shine and I don't have to worry about any scratches or streaks from the bottom of the vacuum.


Answer by  dannyg28 (3070)

The Dirt Devil Broom Vac is good for using on hardwood floors in small areas you should use a mop or electric broom that is specially made for hardwood floors so you do not scratch the floor.


Answer by  Danielle2480 (247)

The dirt devil broom vac is best suited for areas of the home that you would normally broom frequently, such as dining room, that transition into carpeted areas. This product saves the need to switch between brooms and vacs when cleaning.

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