Question by  kismet029 (38)

What is the definition of the word "Danite"?


Answer by  AbsolutelyWoman (35)

A fraternal Mormon organization started in 1838, in the town of Far West in Caldwell County, Missouri. Later to be known as the Latter Day Saints. One of a secret association of Mormons called the tribe of Danites, or one that is a descendant of Dan. Some believe they where connected to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


Answer by  Phil97 (569)

The Danites were members of a fraternity of the Mormons founded in 1838 in Missouri. They were vigilantes, who were the major instigators of the Mormon Wars of 1838.


Answer by  user71 (796)

The primary definition of the word "Danite" is "a member or descendant of the Hebrew tribe of Dan. " However, there is also a second and less known definition. That definition makes reference to a member of an alleged and secret order of Mormons supposed to have been formed about 1837.


Answer by  Clement (1453)

Danites were a Mormon vigilante group founded in 1838. After the Mormon wars this word became used in a broad context of Mormon militias, although the exact nature of the relation between the Danites and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is still being debated by the historians.

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