Question by  SteveC (24)

What is the mathematical definition of corresponding angles?

I need a definition for corresponding angles as taught in school.


Answer by  LilaRivers (16)

When two lines are cut by a transversal, the angles in the same location relative to each intersection are the corresponding angles.


Answer by  DavidD (148)

Corresponding angles are formed by two lines that are crossed by a transversal. They are the two angles that are formed in the matching corners.


Answer by  Rydley (13)

Corresponding angles are two angles that make up a total of 90 degrees. To check if the angles are corresponding angles, just add if the two make a 90 degrees they are correspondents, say (50 and 40). To get the Correspondents of an angle, just subtract the given angle to 90, say 90 less 50 equals 40.


Answer by  Clement (1453)

Corresponding angles are angles formed when a line, called traversal, crosses two other (coplanar) lines. The corresponding angles are then the angles at the same side of the traversal and at the same side of each one of the other lines. If the latter lines are parallel, then the corresponding angles are congruent.

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