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Question by  ducan (30)

What is the best way to patch walls after removing wallpaper?


Answer by  cheyanne (6)

I am not a professional but I would probably opt for some type of putty and paint combination. After removing the wallpaper, it could be necessary to sand down any rough spots left by the adhesive. Then I would apply putty with a spatula to any pitted areas. I would finish the job with a few coats of quality paint.


Answer by  Fritz (608)

Using a quick drying drywall mix would be the best option. Fill any holes of bad areas, if needed apply a second coat and then sand to smooth and paint.


Answer by  Emr (698)

After you have gotten the wallpaper off, clean it completely with a TSP solution. Use a screwdriver to even out cracks and pits. Then mix up plaster of Paris to a semi-solid (but not crumbly) consistency. Apply with a trowel, let dry, and sand gently to even it out.

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