Question by  steven88 (14)

How do you remove dry erase marker from walls?

My child wrote all over my wall with dry erase markers.


Answer by  Djoneechan (142)

Dry erase markers are essentially permanent markers with more oil in them. If you have nail polish remover, it should take it right off.


Answer by  monkeysue (121)

I have used those Mr Clean magic eraser to get any kind of marker off of my wall and they work. They have taken off everything.


Answer by  Fritz (608)

Try using Mr. Clean magic eraser, it works great on tons of things, or try spraying on hair spray, let it sit for a few min then wipe it off.


Answer by  katrescuer (431)

A couple of things you could try to remove the marker from your walls is to use a product called goo gone, that gets rid of all kinds of things, or you could also try using a mr. clean magic eraser, both those products seem to remove things other ordinary products won't. Both are available at wal-mart.

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