Question by  finney (26)

What is the best way to learn more about French food and wine?

i already eat and drink a lot of it.


Answer by  Prajeesh (369)

To learn more about French food and wine a lot of websites are available. There are a lot of book also available to read. Mastering the art of French cooking is one of the good book avilable in the market.For this you can search "french food and wine" in google.


Answer by  Bob85 (203)

The best way is to go to wine tasting events. Restaurants in larger cities often host these events. To become more aware of these parties, individuals should visit websites of French and some non-French restaurants and sign up on the sites. The restaurants will send you notification (and even discount coupons) as to when the events will be held.


Answer by  souldolphindream (835)

I would recommend getting some books on france and it's culture. Also some class on french cooking. I know that we have them where I live.


Answer by  alz (2329)

The best way is to continue to go out to different French restaurants and explore the menu. Ask the waiter lots of questions because they are a wealth of knowledge.

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