Question by  bootros (14)

What wine should be chilled?

I'm learning to serve wine.


Answer by  trumanpeyote (32)

All red and white wine needs to be chilled. The problem is that most white wine is served too cold, and most red wine is served too warm. Most white wines need to be served at approximately 55 degrees, and most red wines at approximately 65 degrees.


Answer by  scalzo48 (11)

White wine, champange and dessert wine are all highly recommended to be chilled. For the most part the temperature should be around 45F-50F. A wine refridgerator is ideal for this task and can be purchased as low as $50 to as much as $500. Some examples of types of wines are Rieslings, Tokay, Ice, dessert and sparkling white wines.


Answer by  pappu (170)

Most wines are served too cold. frosty wine has a little smell or taste, and certainly shouldn't sit in ice getting frostier. Red wine should be drunk at room temperature, not in the room that is very warm ( most wines are best below 65 degree) or the alcohol starts evaporate.


Answer by  worker48 (22)

White wine and rose wine, as well as champagne should be chilled. you can also chill late harvest white wines also known as dessert wines.


Answer by  mc (74)

You should chill your Chardonnay wine, the Pinot Grigio wine should also be chilled. Any kind of white wine should be chilled for optimum taste. Most red wines should be served at room temperature.


Answer by  BrentByers (39)

All wine tastes better chilled. Use a wine chiller if you can because wine shouldn't be the same temperature as food in your refrigerator. This will provide the best taste.

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