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Question by  westivan (16)

What is the best dandruff shampoo?


Answer by  meera (24)

head and shoulders is the best shampoo for dandruff and if looking for home remedies try applying lemon juice half an hour before shampooing


Answer by  donnybrasco (170)

The most popular dandruff shampoo on the market is undoubtedly Head and Shoulders because of their extensive advertising on television over the years. However, in the opinion of many, Selsan Blue is actually the better product.


Answer by  Jenna (587)

I like the different products that Head and Shoulders has. Depending on your hair type they have the perfect product for you at a pretty decent price. I've always had great results with Head and Shoulders.


Answer by  jap (65)

To avoid dandruff first of all massage hair with oil and washed it with any shampoo. it prevents dandruff. A mixture of aloe and gooseberry is best for dandruff. lime is the best herbal remedy for dandruff. shampoo of lime mixture removes dandruff. peach ,egg or apricot containing shampoos also good for preventing dandruff.

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