Question by  teri18 (22)

What is the best cigarette roller?


Answer by  heatherfriend (171)

I've been using the TOP King Size Cigarette Injector Machine for over 6 years now. It is an inexpensive machine that helps you roll your cigarettes easily. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to roll their own cigarettes.


Answer by  lamaha20 (79)

The best cigarette roller is The Premier Supermatic. It makes 100mm, regular or king size cigarettes. It is very easy to use and is built with metal. You can make your cigarettes in half the time. I found it online in between the price range of $12 on up to $15


Answer by  TheDarkChild (72)

I personally feel that a handheld injector is the best choice because they are cheap and aren't as prone to leaving tobacco everywhere as a rolling paper roller. If you have to get a regular roller instead of an injector I would go with the Rayo hand rollers.


Answer by  cpurs005 (5)

The best machine I have found for cigarette rolling is the "Top-O-Matic". This machine is easy and very fast. I have discovered the machine is made of well constructed metal.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

Several companies sell cigarette rolling machines. Although it is a personal preference as to which is your favorite, Top, Zig Zag, Gizeh, and Job offers reliable products.


Answer by  CLEV (405)

I truly am no expert and may not be your best source, but the "Premier Supermatic" gets reviews worthy of a good cough.


Answer by  Billy86 (26)

As far as rollers for individual cigarettes, I've always enjoyed my Top brand rolelr. It keeps the tobacco tight enough to burn without cramping it. It also somehow knows how to make fatter or thinner smokes just as well.


Answer by  harper2583 (466)

I think the big square spring loaded one is the best because the cigs come out alot better and its alot faster too.


Answer by  Joe80 (866)

Your own two hands are the best cigarette roller. They're free, and there's two of them. Did this help any?

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