Question by  naresh99 (24)

What's the average NBA player's salary?

How do you justify that vs the average salary of a teacher?


Answer by  MaryanneCampbell (33)

The average NBA player's salary is about $20 million, which is justified in the sense that a teacher's personal life is not scrutinized by society. If Tiger Woods was your kid's teacher, and had extramarital affairs, would it make broadcast news, or just be school gossip amongst teachers and affiliates?


Answer by  KellyJo (26)

The average salary for an NBA player is $4,900,000. It seems hard to justify when the average salary of a teacher in the US is $40,000, but a job is worth what people will pay for it. Perhaps we really need to question why our nation is willing to pay athletes in the millions and educators below the national average


Answer by  sabozeka (611)

The average NBA players salary is 5.5 million per year. The teachers are not subsidied by corp Americia. They don't have Nike or Coca cola sponsoring them.


Answer by  sc1234 (1319)

The average NBA player's salary is about $5.85 million. There are only a couple hundred people in the world who are able to make in the NBA, millions can teach.

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