Question by  Bill81 (98)

What is the attrition rate for Air Force Combat Control?

The rate for Pararescue is really high.I heard that the selection school is something like 80-90% but not sure.


Answer by  malone (4817)

ParaRescue is not "combat control." Washout for pararescue is around 90% during the selection and about 60% during training. It's two different things. Speak to a recruiter for details.

Reply by Bill81 (98):
Sorry, I don't know why I said that.. I meant I heard Combat Control Selection School had an attrition rate of 70-75% since they split from the Pararescue Indoc course, which I've heard has a 90% attrition rate... I meant to ask what Combat Control School's attrition rate is now.  add a comment

Answer by  Dean (4035)

USAF Combat Control is much like air traffic controller school combined with Pararescue training. (The USAF doesn't send troops to combat.) Like Pararescue, there is a screening course, then a training course. The drop rate for both are very high, in excess of 80%.


Answer by  xploraplkd (3)

The rate of pararescue is really high i heard that the selection school something like 80-90% . The main problem of combat lost their present of land . They have huge hard work

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