Question by  Bill81 (98)

How often do MarineCorps officers get moved around?

My Dad is an Air Force officer. I'm 13 and I've moved 3 times. My dream has been to go into the Air Force, but the Marines are good, too and I'd join them if they wouldn't move me around.


Answer by  Dean (4035)

Military life includes regular reassignment. Most assignments/missions are 2-3 years, then the personnel (enlisted or officer) is re-assigned to another post, whether or not retraining is involved. The USAF is the best of the armed forces. If you want to settle down somewhere and stay there forever, the military isn't a good career path.


Answer by  malone (4817)

The term "Army brat" refers to someone who grew up with a parent in the military, which means every couple of years, the family was relocated. It's the same in the USAF, USMC and USN. The military assigns personnel as needed. Go with the USAF. You'll be glad you did!

Reply by Bill81 (98):
Thanks for the help. I have decided I want to go the Air Force route.  add a comment

Answer by  gangasudhigmailcom (43)

In my point of view Marine Corps are good to work, one of my friends father works in Marine, he told a lot about that.Normally, MarineCorps officers moved 3 times around.Marines are trained to attace from water ways, so they should be always ready to face any kind of situation.

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