Question by  Jonathan (41)

What can I expect from air force load master school?

I will be starting load master school in the air force soon.


Answer by  phrueben (49)

First of all you need to pass the US Air Force Enlisted Aircrew Undergraduate Curse, then the Combat Survival Training Curse, then the Water Survival Parachuting Course and finally the Basic Loadmaster Course at either Altus AFB, Okla or Little Rock AFB, Ark. Loadmaster school is an especialized training event, this is were you make your money.


Answer by  Alison2001 (46)

Air Force Technical Training is intense and will mix hands-on/classroom learning with continued indoctrination. In this field, you will likely study many math calculations to ensure safe loading/travel. It will also include training about transitioning to the operational Air Force.


Answer by  james24 (12)

You will learn how to load and secure equipment into the aircraft. Along with this you will have to become jump qualified to be properly trained in this job. This is a fantastic job.

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