Question by  Hmoravec (6)

What is the advantage of ABS in a car?

It seems like they make a big deal of it.


Answer by  hootisj (41)

ABS or anti-lock braking system is a safety system created to aid the driver in periods of excessive braking. Controlled by the ECU the ABS will "feather" the brakes when the car detects that the wheels have locked up. This in turn keeps the car from sliding out of control.


Answer by  Zaka (2315)

It will prevent the brakes from locking up, which would cause the car to skin upon sudden braking. The intermitent brake motion of ABS allows for greater grip.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well the main purpose is to avoid locking your brakes during emergency braking. Without ABS you have to pump your brakes to still be able to steering under hard braking.


Answer by  Allstar (2071)

The main advantage of ABS is safety. Anti-lock brakes keep the wheels from skidding under heavy braking, which allows the brakes to do their job more effectively, and keeps the driver from losing control. Shorter braking distances and more control effectiveness mean fewer accidents.

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