Question by  udiver1950 (22)

What is some general knowledge of Brazilian culture?

I want to know more about all different cultures.


Answer by  Maria23 (144)

Brazilians are very easy going and fun loving people. They kiss on the cheek, and always want to talk. Brazil can be scary and dangerous at night time. Brazilians love football, and the people go all out for the games. There are always parties and festivals going on, they love to celebrate.


Answer by  unclesam (6)

The Brazilian culture begins with the language which is spoken, that being Portuguese. Brazilians love soccer, partying and taking part in fun loving activities. Brazilian's enjoy masquerading and adventure.


Answer by  jotape (6)

Brazilian culture as all the elements of a great national culture : its own music and dance (samba, lambada, bossa nova and much more), its own wonderful cuisine (with feijoada, a beans dish as the national favourite) and its cheerful Latin character.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

Native Americans,Portuguese,and Africans formed the Brazilian culture, and other groups began to arrive in the late 19th century. The national food dish is feijoada-pork cooked with black beans and rice, among other things. Until the 19th century, the style of art known as baroque, was the leading influence. Brazilian citizens are known as Brasileiros or Brasileiras, depending on sex.

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