Question by  Michael90 (99)

What is proper military etiquette for saluting?

I will be going to my sons graduation from AIT and do not understand the proper etiquette for saluting and addressing officers etc.


Answer by  Pat57 (138)

As a civilian you are not required to do anything. Your son will salute all oficer and only refer to them as sir. He will also stand at the position of attention while speaking with one.


Answer by  beerman12 (81)

Military etiquette for saluting is as follows. Enlisted personnel of all services salute all officers, despite their branch. Enlisted do not salute each other. Officers salute officers of higher rank only. For example, an Army Captain would salute an Army Colonel, but not an Army Sergeant. Non military personnel do not salute military personnel.


Answer by  Fleshj (403)

Enlisted in uniform always saluate all officers outdoors. Enlisted out of uniform may salute officers out doors if they want to. Enlisted salute indoors when reporting. Jr. Officers always salute Senior Officers outdoors and when reporting. Enlisted never salute enlisted. Officers of the same grade don't have to salute.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Your son has been thoroughly educated/trained in saluting. Uniformed personnel salute persons who are entitled to a salute (unless impractical). Junior grade salutes first. Uniformed personnel salute during the national anthem. As a parent, you do not salute anybody. Greet personnel as they are introduced to you: Nice to meet you, Sargeant (or General), etc.


Answer by  pryoplasm (444)

Saluting is only required for military members to other military members. Proper terms of address for an officer would be Sir/Ma'am or their rank if you know it.


Answer by  snoopy2007200 (70)

Unless you are in the millitary you will not have to salute. Your son when in passing or talking directly to an officer will have to salute his right hand. They aren't supposed to carry anything with their right hand. I am a millitary wife. I asked the same thing.

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