Question by  knowitall (29)

What is the proper etiquette for a second marriage?

I want to have a proper wedding.


Answer by  patti (29325)

On one hand, you should do what makes you happy; however, tone it down and don't act like it's a first marriage. You might consider a champagne-colored dress or something in a pale, pale tint; a smaller wedding party and fewer commitments for everyone, especially if they were involved the first time. Keep it classy and beautiful for you.


Answer by  elaine (450)

These days, you can have just about anything that suits you. Since you know what a "proper wedding" is, you can build on that, using the parts you like.


Answer by  MelvinVanhorn (826)

Etiquette for a second wedding should be very similar to the first. The rules haven't changed, you invite guests, have dinner and a dance, have a ceremony. Its the THIRD wedding that gets cumbersome, when it might seem like approaching on people to ask for gifts.


Answer by  karenkay (343)

Second weddings need to be centered on the two people finding each other rather than on extravagance. Often, second weddings are treated as the joining of two families, so the children participate equally in the ceremony. You may want to avoid inviting former in-laws and spouses to the wedding, because they bring down the mood for other guests.


Answer by  Esteme (274)

Generally, second weddings are subdued affairs. The bride wear ivory or another fun color rather than white. Receptions are still okay.

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