Question by  Sarathms (6)

What is proper courtroom procedures for divorce proceedings?

I need to understand courtroom procedures for divorce.


Answer by  patti (29325)

The Judge is in charge of the proceedings and will allow both parties (or the representatives) to speak. The Judge will ask for elaboration if necessary.


Answer by  silverkatcreationsyahoocom (324)

Divorce proceding vary from state to state. To get a proper answer to this question you need to state which state you are asking about. Usually both parties, with their legal representative go before s judge in a family court where their marriage tookm place. But what happens in the court varies by state/


Answer by  notenoughfacts (257)

Each state has separate laws for divorce in that state. You must base your divorce on place of marriage or place of divorce or place of residence of either party, usually. Research laws in your state and investigate actions that occur in court. Many times there is no "trial" but appearances for various aspects of divorce.

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