Question by  LisaMc (24)

How do you properly do the french press triceps exercise?

I need to know the right procedure.


Answer by  pambam (892)

Laying flat on your back, hold a dumbbell straight up in each hand so that your arms are perpendicular to the ground and your thumbs are facing each other. Bend your elbows and lower the weights toward your head. As you do this, rotate your thumbs inward. Press the weight back up to your starting position.


Answer by  lew0119 (14)

To perform a proper frech press tricep excersice in a prone position, lay flat on your back and grip the weight with the both hands, shoulder width apart. With your hands behind your head, elbows close to your head and pointed upward, lift the weight while keeping your elbows stable. After lifting the weight, lower to an inch above forhead.


Answer by  jeff24 (55)

Lie flat on your back and hold weight in your arms extended straight upwards. Now lower the weight toward your head and then lift it straight up again.


Answer by  JimIngram (115)

To perform the french press triceps exercise lay flat on the bench. hold the weight bar, hands at shoulders width, at a ninety degree angle from your body. You then lower the bar till it is parallel to the floor and raise it back to the ninety degre position.

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