Question by  Buddy (13)

What is normal treatment for knee cancer?


Answer by  joshm89 (491)

There seems to be only one knee cancer, tumor. The best way, is by seeing a doctor and getting an MRI done. Otherwise, serious injuries may occur.


Answer by  jamieellison (1637)

It really depends on the type of cancer you have. Cancer of the knee can be one of multiple types - but most commonly it is related to cancer of the bones around the knee. Depending on the severity, tumor removal through surgery followed by radiation or chemotherapy is the course.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

The normal treatment is to get some type of chemotherapy for the knee area. You need to be able to get some actual rest during this time. The therapy is very degenerating but that is the only thing that is going to work and remove the tumor in the knee area.


Answer by  pradhaprajgmailcom (1518)

Now a days new treatments are available to control cancer. Usually the amputation is done to prevent the cancer from spreading. But sometime chemotherapy is also given for better result. However the siddha medicines will help you to live long but with pain. Therapists may help to reduce the effect.


Answer by  ginny2k (37)

As with most cancers, the standard treatment would be chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. Hopefully the chemotherapy could be given in advance to try to reduce the size of the offending tumor so that less tissue may need to be excised while still obtaining clear margins.


Answer by  jalucia (936)

Same as with most other cancers, chemotherapy is used. If this isn't too effective there is a limb salvage technique, which involves removal of the cancer and reconstruction of the limb. Amputation is also an option.

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