Question by  BrokenRose (131)

What are the chances of re-occurrence of cancer after successful treatment of breast cancer?

I am concerned that since I did not have my breast removed I will get breast cancer again.


Answer by  mpartin (1600)

Depending on the stage at diagnosis and the exact type of breast cancer determines how great the success rate of the treatment. However, re-occurrence is always possible once you have had a cancer diagnosis as it mutates onto other areas and organs of the body.


Answer by  Mary39 (521)

No one can really tell what their chances of getting breast cancer are after successful treatment. One can go many years in remission and then one day it comes back. Lumpectomy's can be just as successful as a masectomy. What's most important is to continuing to have your mammogram done yearly or and report any chances to dr.


Answer by  John (9008)

There are many factors that determine how likely breast cancer is to recur. The most important factor is how serious the original tumor was before it was found. Other factors include family history and number of previous tumors. No one can tell you for sure whether it will recur; you simply have to monitor it in the years to come.

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