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Question by  lanolin (14)

What is lanolin?


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

A greasy, yellow substance. Woolly animals like sheep secrete it from their sebaceous glands - it helps them shed water from their coats. Used in shoe polish and soothing hand creams.


Answer by  Rachel67 (41)

Lanolin is a fatty substance that is secreted by animals that have wool. It coats the wool, making it water repellent. Its skin soothing properties are usefull in cosmetics.


Answer by  Ginny (2251)

It's a wax made from the grease excreted by the glands of sheep, mostly, but also by llamas, rabbits and keeshonds.


Answer by  mariposaman (34)

Lanolin is the greasy substance refined from sheep's wool when wool is processed. Lanolin is close in composition to human skin oils.


Answer by  smith (89)

Lanolin is a greasy substance from a wool bearing animal such as a sheep that is often used in products like skin moisturizing creams, wax and shoe polish.

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