Question by  GlobalCitizenHillary (10)

What are the solutions for water pollution?

I am concerned about all the animals that are being killed due to water pollution.


Answer by  Johnson2231 (237)

Banning chemical pesticides would be a good start. After that, we need to work to prevent fertilizer runoff from entering water systems.


Answer by  sueto (13)

People should not litter any bodies of water. Doing organic farming will keep pesicides from polluting water. Disposing of car oil properly helps prevent the oil from entering the water.


Answer by  Fleshj (403)

#1 is Education about the issue. Governments need to limit industrial waste and sewage dumped directly into streams. Finally, people need awareness of personal actions like dumping oil into sewers.


Answer by  jheremans (1446)

Not dumping garbage or harmful materials in the water is one major solution. Also when taking a bath in a stream, waterfall, river or lake it is best to use organic soap and shampoo since commercial products tend to harm the small ecosystem living in these waters. Most important thing is to educate people on how to prevent pollution.

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