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Question by  AcroPilot44 (13)

What is involved in shifting a ten speed transmission?

I need to know more about a ten speed transmission.


Answer by  brbaggett (19)

A ten speed transmission works like two five speed transmission with a high and low switch. To start out you make sure that the high low switch is placed in the low setting, enabling gears 1-5. When you work your way through the five gears, shift out of 5th gear and switch to the high side enabling (6-10)


Answer by  Xavier (25)

Front and rear derailleurs, controlled by levers on the handlebars or frame, control the movement of the chain across two front and five rear sprockets.


Answer by  mlp1747 (18)

You need to know how to double clutch and the shifting pattern on the transmission. Not all trucks shift the same pattern, you also have to pay attention to the tachometer to insure that the RPM'S are at the correct level for shifting. You can also listen for the changing sounds in the transmission.

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