Question by  graydog (1)

Why won't my 1997 Silverado 5.7 shift into reverse?

It sounds like it is not shifting in to higher gear when it speeds up. What could be the cause? Bands? Linkage? Computer? The fluid level is good. It's not discolored nor does it smell different.


Answer by  Samhane (703)

It sounds like the transmission is going out. I would also check the linkage to be safe side as that is the cheapest fix and easiest to troubleshoot.


Answer by  CarDude94 (6)

Your problem is that your car is pretty old. Old cars usually have something wrong with them, they usually have many miles and have taken quite a beating from users in the past or present. I think your problem is that your shift is either broken or a part of your car is snapped and or broken. Good luck

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