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Question by  Pman (11)

What is involved in painting rough textured cedar siding?

Do I need to sand or take any other steps to prepare the wood? What about primer, will I need it?


Answer by  TextStud (87)

Sanding is not necessary with cedar siding. First you would definitely prime the wood with something such as KILZ. The cedar is going to really soak that up, so you might need two coats, and then from there, you need a good exterior latex paint.


Answer by  secondbanana (289)

The beauty of, and the reason why people use cedar siding is so they don't have to paint it. It weathers very well and turns silvery over time; however, if you insist on painting it, it is always a good idea to sand to remove dirt and rough spots. Priming prepars the surface for paint, so do that too.


Answer by  mack200 (35)

Yes,you need to sand,brush or wash siding before applying paint or stain. Primer is needed if you apply paint,if using stain no primer is needed.


Answer by  JD (129)

Textured siding does not need to be sanded but you will need to caulk the joints. You will then need to prime the sidind. The most effective way to paint siding is with a paint sprayer. You will need one coat of primer and one to two coats of paint.


Answer by  pete74 (97)

You should use a primer and a long haired roller. Make sure the wood if very dry and do the painting on a day that the humidity is not to high.

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